AutoCAD 2010 SAP and Civil 3D 2010 SAP – Don’t do it!

This is just a quick one today. For those who have noticed, Autodesk has released a Subscription Advantage Pack for plain AutoCAD 2010. It seems to have some nice features – BUT


Unless you like redoing your Civil all over again. I have not personally done this, but hear from good sources not to do it.

So, what they say is good enough for me.


  1. Matt Kolberg says:

    Just to confirm, the SAP for Civil 3D/Civil is fine. AutoCAD is fine. Together they are no good?


  2. Jon Rizzo says:

    And what about SAPs for other verticals when combined with the one for C3D?

  3. Nick Zeeben says:

    All of the SAP releases are targeted to the specific products that they were released for. IE: you can only install the AutoCAD SAP on AutoCAD, the install will not run ontop of Civil 3D(nor will it detroy your installation as Rick is fear mongering above).

    Jon, same rule applies, Map SAP will apply to Map only.

    • George Phoenix says:

      Does this means we can’t get the new functions for AutoCAD or Map 3D? Why wouldn’t those new functions be incorporated into the Civil 3D SAP?

  4. Nick, Autodesk SAP is applicable for these products, including Map:
    AutoCAD® 2010
    AutoCAD Map 3D 2010
    AutoCAD Mechanical 2010
    AutoCAD P&ID 2010
    AutoCAD Plant 3D 2010
    AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2010
    It’s in the readme of the AutoCAD SAP.

  5. Creg Dieziger says:

    I would like to go back to Georges Question. I have installed the Civil 3D SAP which isn’t listed under Christopher list for AutoCAD’s SAP.

    So does Civil 3D have the AutoCAD SAP built in ?

  6. Dana Probert says:

    The AutoCAD advantage pack includes tools like isolate objects, select similar, and others that are already built into Civil 3D. Therefore, the AutoCAD pack was not made available to Civil 3D.

    Read more:

  7. Jon Rizzo says:

    I guess I misunderstood the original post – is the problem that people are installing the AutoCAD SAP on top of Civil 3D, or is the problem happening when folks have AutoCAD and Civil 3D running side by side and they try to install the AutoCAD SAP? I understood it as the latter, which would effect us here, since we run multiple verticals side by side on all of our CAD machines. If the problem is just installing the AutoCAD SAP on Civil 3D, then I would expect the installer to block such nonsense if it is not supported.

  8. Nick Zeeben says:

    Jon, the installers block the SAPs from installing on products they were not designed for, there are no side by side issues with the SAPs.

  9. Clem Kuns says:

    After installing the SAP for C3D, it takes about 2 minutes to launch the application. After closing C3D, it taked about 2 minutes for the acad.exe process to clear from my task manager. Now I have to uninstall the whole ap to get back to productivity 🙁

  10. chris wallis says:

    I loaded it, didnt see any problems. ‘figured out where the help wuz (per readme) & how to fire the commands – been playing with the round about tool..(cool stuff indeed – now i have more to learn…) – I did not notice any delay in loading or exiting civil3d