Adding & Removing Sheets from DWF

I was utilizing Autodesk Design Review today and removed a sheet from a set that I had, but noticed the way to add a sheet wasn’t exactly the same.

In my case I had a 26 page DWF set, that I needed to remove and replace the last sheet. Removing a sheet with Autodesk Design Review is simple as pie, just right click on it in your thumbnails, and delete. 2009-10-22_0914

After searching I noticed there wasn’t an “add sheet” button, or right-click menu so I had to do some searching on the intrawebs. Apparently it’s about as simple as it comes. I created a one page DWF layout of the sheet I just deleted, and then drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer into the thumbnail view where you would like it to fit. Sometimes it’s the simple things….

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