Roopinder Tara: Is the Old CAD Press Dead?

Roopinder Tara’s Cad Insider blog today poses the question: Is the Old CAD Press Dead? I would say that the day the number of blogs passed the number of media outlets for CAD, absolutely. CAD is just too narrow a market to maintain a viable press solution when blogs like this one can scoop them 99% of the time. With the free reign and now respect from companies like Autodesk and SolidWorks giving bloggers almost the same level of access, how can the print guys hope to compete?

Civil 3D has always been the redheaded stepchild of the Autodesk family, so it’s no wonder so much of the good information has come from blogs. I can’t recall the last print article on C3D that was much more than a fluff piece, while blogs like this one, Civil3dpedia, 121 Consulting, and Civil 3D Reminders continually offer top notch technical morsels.

So, what’s your take? Comment here, of jump over to Mr. Tara’s article and join the fray there.

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  1. Terry Mullins says:

    One good point that was made:

    >>Our editors find tons of articles every day — as readers of our daily newsletter know — and that’s after we weed out stories of travel, what was for breakfast, etc.

    I second that. I’m not subscribing to a CAD blog to find out your dog’s name or where you spent your honeymoon.