IMAutoCAD Solutions 2010 – Beta is out!

As I have mentioned in passing in a few posts, I have been working on some new software.

The first suite of that new software, called IMAutoCAD Solutions, has now been released for Beta testing. For any AutoCAD users (you don’t have to be using Civil3D), this is an AutoCAD productivity suite. More information and free download is available at the link below:

Comment and let me know what you think.


  1. David Drahn says:

    Some of that stuff’s already built in to CAD, like offsetting to a different layer or offsetting multiple. Every other tool highlighted in their summary,like single step view twisting, rotating text/bocks to selected objects, tangent to arc, attribute counter, etc. are almost all available as lisp for free with a quick Google or knowing someone who’s used CAD for a while.

    Looking at the list it looks like there are a total of about 16 routines? For $75? I don’t know why anyone would pay for that. If you need to do stuff in CAD, for $25 more you can get ToolPac which has 100’s of powerful routines packed in to it.

    No, I’m not a ToolPac rep or FOT (friend of Terry’s), just a longtime, sometimes still amazed user.

  2. David,

    I am kind of from the mentality “Don’t knock it till you tried it”

    We are still in Beta so we have not even released the software, let alone set a final price/value to charge for it…IF WE CHARGE AT ALL.

    I agree that some tools resemble tools that AutoCAD has. For example, Multiple Offset. However, explain how multiple offset works in AutoCAD? You enter a distance, select an object to offset, pick a side, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, etc.
    However, this Multiple Offset took the idea and greatly improved upon it. I suggest you give a try FIRST.
    Are there similar lisps out there? Sure! Are there lisps for just about every tool that is in ToolPac? You betcha.

    So why buy ToolPac (or IMAutoCAD Solutions) – which by the way Terry has priced at $245? Is it not for tools which are well built, well packaged, and reliable? Goodness, a good portion of ToolPac has been potentially superseded by AutoCAD commands. Yet, people still see the potential.

    The current list of tools is by no means done and will be automatically updated for all users. The price is currently by no means set. And unfortunately, you have not even given these a try.

  3. David Drahn says:

    Yea, I haven’t tried any of it (is there a trial version?). I’m sure there are cool enhancements over stock/freebies that make them valuable, it just all sounded very familiar.

    And, btw, offsetting multiple in vanilla is OFFSET M (for multiple), and pick pick pick. You don’t have to move the cursor or repeat anything and you can switch sides on the fly if desired.