The World According to Chuck: Commandments of C3D

It was too good a comment to not spread the love, er, testify!- JW

What sort of a Commandment list would we have, if there weren’t 15 *crash* er, um..10! Yes! 10 Commandments!

  1. Thou shall not use non-dynamic objects when a dynamic object is available.
    Why else would you be using Civil 3d instead of LDD?
  2. Thou shall use a template…always, always, always.
  3. Thou shall not explode dynamic objects.
    This one has an exception or two, otherwise it would be #1. Gradings, I’m talking about you, sir!
  4. Thou shall use dual monitors, plenty of memory and a proper video card.
    If you don’t have these, you’re not going to be happy with the results.
  5. Thou shall close the layer dialog box when you’re done with it.
    …Or thou shall be stricken with a slow PC.
  6. Thou shall love thy Ribbon.
    Even if you didn’t like it before, you’re going to be much better off learning to love it.
  7. Thou shall save and save often.
    Jesus saves, why don’t you?
  8. Thou shall not save changes upon crashing.
    In direct contradiction to #7, don’t save something that’s already screwed up. If you follow #7, #8 won’t hurt so bad.
  9. Thou shall not use autosave.
    No easy way around #7.
  10. Thou shall not use Vault.
    This one is punishable by an eternity in the fiery perdition that is vault.

…and there should be an Golden Rule, as keeping with the faith:

Thou shall SHARE THE LOVE.

Without the great help of dozens of you faithful bloggers, MBers and user group members, I wouldn’t know 1/10th of what I know.

Now go out and testify!


  1. Rick Graham says:

    RE: #9 Why not use Autosave? It creates the ,sv$ and .bak files located on the local machine. These have saved my butt plenty of times! I do have the setting to a higher save level 30 minutes). so if something DOES go awry, I have my last 30 minutes saved and every one before that. If you’re talking about something different, please elaborate.

    • Actually, Rick, it’s probably a leftover mind-nugget from when we were working with Vault *shudder* in 07 & 08. Autosave would corrupt a drawing quicker than you could say “circular dependency”.

      I’d just rather rely on myself to save after every time I do something that I don’t want to have to re-do. Plus, autosave always seemed to want to save at the most inconvenient times.

      But hey, if it’s working for you, go for it! Hmm…now to think of a new #9.

      How about, Thou shall question “The Authority”.

      • Rick Graham says:

        Carl Bass’ 10 commandments

        1. Thou shalt have no other CAD programs before me.
        2. Thou shalt not make any engraven image of my CAD program
        3. Thou shalt not take the name of Autodesk in vain.
        4. Remember AU to keep it yearly.
        5. Honor thy reseller and subscription.
        6. Thou shalt not kill the license
        7. Thou shalt not commit audits
        8. Thou shalt not steal the programs
        9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against Autodesk.
        10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors workstation

        I’m sure I could have come up with some better ones, but it’s late! 🙂

  2. I can see a line of T-Shirts coming…


    Chuck’s Commandment No 7.


    Jesus saves, why don’t you!

  3. Gerardo Diaz says:

    I’d broken #9, I’m using Autosave (set to 15 minutes). I haven’t encountered any problem with 2010 in relation to the Autosave settings so far.