HEC a Brother Out….

Today was the first day of AU sign up in case you missed it. Looks like things are going much smoother than in the past, but I have to imaging much of that is due to the diminished number of folks who will be going to AU without much thought. In the past you could count on the fanboys to jam the switchboard on day one. This year? I’m thinking a lot of us are seriously looking at cost-benefit ratios, and debating how much political capital it’s worth to make the trip. Personally, I don’t think AU can be beat. Three days of hardcore training and ideas for less than most consultants charge for a day in your office.

Anyway, I’m teaching “The Floodplain Truth in Civil 3D,” and I need some new data. I’ve played with the same floodplain data set and HEC-RAS model for a number of years and want something new. If you have a HEC-RAS model you’d be willing to share with me, please drop me a comment below. Obviously, you and your firm will get the much deserved credit for being so generous. Thanks.


  1. David Drahn says:

    James, if you’re interested I could post you a couple training videos I made here recently using HEC-RAS, C3D09 & RiverTools (steltman.com) to delineate flood plain, create flood depth map and velocity distribution map. With almost default styles they come out looking very cool.

    Might be able to put together the model and CAD files, too, but I’d have to run that through the heads first.

    • I’m sure the vids are great, but I’m looking for data sets that I can use to walk through the available tools in the C3D box. If I had my druthers, I’d use the EE set, they still are the best ones, IMO (doesn’t hurt that I wrote the underlying engine.)

      If you can share the data, that’d be great. Shoot me a mail, wedding@ this domain. Thanks!

  2. Jeff Paulsen says:


    We have several recent data sets but we can’t get them to work with C3D so we purchased RiverTools. We never have straight sections. They always have angle points in them. Usually 2 or more. The HEC-RAS extension mixes up all the points when there are angle points in the sections.

    If you want to talk about using the data sets and cutting new, straight, sections let me know.


    • What was the problem in C3D? The sections are flipped I know, and that has been submitted. Did you have problems beyond that? I’m trying to get some of that pushed through in light of my class obviously, so if you want to shoot me a mail offline, go for it.

      wedding@ this domain. Thanks, Jeff.

  3. Sections need to be drawing correctly per hydraulic requirements which is typically more than one segment. Those then get added as sample lines.

    At this point, the 2010 export jumbles the stations locations of the sections on export.

    C3d Import mixes the section line coordinates with the max water surface coordinates.

    I hope those two items together with the backwards nature of the alignments and sections gets fixed.