Support and Push America is and will continue to be your free source for all things C3D related, from how-tos, to video lessons, to commentary, to links, to whatever strikes us. Over the last four years, we’ve given away literally thousands of hours to the userbase here. My turn to ask a favor:

On October 25th 2009, I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon in support of Push America and the Wounded Warrior Project. If we’ve ever helped you, I ask you to help me support Push America and its mission, “Building leaders of tomorrow by serving people with disabilities today.”

I’ve been involved with Push America since 1993 when I spent part of my Spring Break building accessible camping equipment at Camp John Marc near Dallas. Ever year since then, the growing list of projects they take on shows what good people with great ideas can accomplish. If you’ve ever doubted that there is good in the college fraternity system, check out what the men of the Journey of Hope and Build America teams do with their summers in support of Push America.

Please make a donation here. Push America is a 501(c)(3) and your donation is fully tax deductible. Thanks for your support, and for being part of I appreciate it.

–James Wedding, P.E.

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  1. WWPfan says:

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