Civil 3D 2010 Update 1 Released

In case you missed the traffic on the twitter-spere this AM and you don’t read the Being Civil blog (you should!) here’s the update link, and the readme file too. Big items (to my eye) include:

  • Existing section view band labels are no longer erased when you update a section view group band set. Previously, if you used the Section View Group Properties > Change Band Set option to add a new band, the labels in existing bands were removed. [Major PITA for the DOT folks!]
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D now successfully creates intersections as expected in drawings that contain alignments with coordinate definitions that are comprised of seven or more digits. [Like you know, real world places….]
  • Point markers which use multi-view blocks as the symbol now appear correctly in a drawing. NOTE: A multiview block must be embedded in an AutoCAD block to use it as a point marker. [Thanks for fixing this one!]
  • A profile data band is blank if no surface data is available along a profile. Previously, profile data bands displayed 0.00 for points that had no surface data. [This might be the biggest one to me.]
  • TIN surfaces created from contour data no longer display points with erroneous elevations.  NOTE: If you have surfaces created from contour data and used the MinimizeSurfaceFlatAreas command in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010, rebuild those surfaces. [D’oh! That was nasty, wasn’t it?]

There’s much more, but if you want the whole thing, you can get it from the Readme link. Go get your update on!


  1. Is this another “2009 Update 2”? It looks like it’s been taken off the shelf already.

  2. Shane Matt says:

    We are still on 2009. Is everything running smoothly in 2010? Any thing we should be aware of prior to making the switch?

  3. OK, … just republished today. August 3rd. Was unavailable earlier this morning.

  4. Paulius Zlotinas says:

    Where did the service pack line go from About window?
    In 2009 and all previous versions of all possible software it was like:
    Help -> About -> Service Pack