2010 Errata. Yes, already.

Working through a recording for the YouTube channel last night, I found the first errata for Mastering 2010.

  • On page 15, the Macro Name should be, ExcelFunctions.ExportToExcel, not PipeSample

We strive to prepare a good text, free of errors, but things are bound to happen. If you find what you think is an error, please visit the Errata page here at civil3d.com. If you don’t see a solution there, let me know and we’ll sort it out as quickly as possible. Thanks.


  1. Hmmmm. I know I probably didn’t catch everything. But the following is my markup during the TE process. …It just makes me hope my comments were worth while. 🙁

    13. Click in the Macro Name text field, and type PipeSample [AU: This macro doesn’t exist in the PipeSample.dvb. Does this matter? This is showing the user how to add their own tools. Wasn’t sure if it should be one that actually works or not.—JS/TE]

  2. Relax, Jonathan, it wasn’t an indictment of you. It went through three more reviews after that, and someone should have noted it or retested it, probably me.

  3. I’m OK now. I was so depressed all day yesterday cause I felt like I didn’t matter. After my therapy with my shrink last night, I started to realize that there is less wrong with the book than the software that it’s written for. 😉 But then she also mentioned to me that if the software was too perfect; that I wouldn’t be able to pay her fees. 😉