Raster Design 2010

I don’t know how many people continue to maintain at least the prior two versions of AutoCAD running on a single computer.  I don’t think I have ever had an issue with Raster Design demand loading into Civil 3d in a number of years, present license change issue aside.  [Had to re-up a seat because our renewals license mix would leave us short – ouch! ]

It turns out that Raster 2009, if loaded, messes with Raster Design 2010.  Demand loading in Civil 3d 2010 doesn’t work with 2009 Raster installed.   Running 2010 from the Raster Design Icon works, however, it is very easy to set off a CER if Raster 2009 is loaded. 

The simple fix – uninstall Raster 2009.  All my issues with Raster Design in 2010 are now gone.  Thanks to the support techs at Autodesk who helped me track down the issue between Raster Design and Civil 3d 2010.


  1. Jeff Badke says:

    This sounds like something we’re running into here every once and a while. I wonder then, what the fix would be for a workstation that requires an install of LDC 2009 with Raster 2009 for legacy projects? Raster 2010 isn’t compatible with previous product versions and therefore uninstalling Raster 2009 isn’t an option.

  2. Mark Evinger says:

    Well heck I was just about to contact the ‘Desk to ask why I kept getting CER’s messing with demand-loading ARD2010. Thanks for the heads-up, uninstalling R2009 now to make my life simpler!

  3. Jeff –

    Not sure what to tell you about 2009 LDC and Raster. I stopped installing Land Desktop with the 2007 product. Are you still using Raster to insert/scale/manipuate in LDC? or do you have images already attached? If the later, the Raster OE would take over the display in 2009… just a thought. 2nd option – Vmware..