Everybody Wants to Be, Closer to Free

I really consider it a small price to pay, but many people consider the registration requirement to view civil3d.com onerous. I’ve heard your complaints, believe me. From now on (or at least until I have reason to change,) civil3d.com is the completely free (as in beer) site for all things Civil3d related. You will still have to register to leave comments (and I DO encourage those!) but to read, learn, and share, you can be as anonymous as you like.

We’re adding some more authors over the next few weeks, so please be sure and let me know what you think of their posts. Want to write yourself? The pay stinks, there aren’t many bennies (maybe a free copy of Mastering for consistent output,) but I’ll buy you a beer if I’m in town. Drop me an e-mail, wedding@ this domain and we’ll talk.

Thanks for being part of the civil3d.com-munity.


  1. John Mayo, PE says:

    You are the man, the myth, the legend. The all being master of time dimension & C3D!

    Very nice.

  2. Nice. I typically send a link to staff but fear many don’t read because they needed to register in the past. Much appreciated!

  3. You can also use the share this button directly to send to whomever!

    • Tom Snyder says:

      Hey, quick question. I saw that you had a picture and was attempting to do one under my name. I click on my name to edit profile and I don’t have permission. Is this going to change? Also, have we done away with profile and the forums?

      • The pictures are coming in from Gravatar.com. If you link your e-mail here with the gravatar account, it’ll show up.

        The forums are gone for now, but may make a return. I was not happy with the signal-to-noise ratio and really would rather have conversations related to posts and use the Adsk groups for that sort of query.

        Finaly, the profile editing is something I’ll have to address shortly. For right now, very few people can edit their profiles. This is a hangover from the old login system and I’ll get around to fixing it when I learn how to batch edit a SQL database.

        Thanks for the great questions!

      • Tom Snyder says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        As you can see, the Gravatar is working and thanks for the tip of it; I had never heard of it.

        You are a wealth of information…keep up the great work!

  4. Ted Pivovarnick says:

    I read all the posts regularly and find them very helpful. I appreciate the information. I have “Mastering” for 2008, and I’m waiting for 2010. Keep the great “Free” info coming, it’s much appreciated.
    Ted W. Pivovarnick, PLS in NJ.

  5. Tom Snyder says:

    I fell the force is shifting to the good side of Civil 3D.

    Thank you very much for the carrot that will be used by all Civil 3D users from my company.

    I look forward to many years of successful use of this site and reading “Mastering Civil 3D 2010” that a new colleague that has just been hired has brought with him (I’m sure I’ll end up buying my own copy sooner or later).

  6. Testing out the gravatar integration….