on YouTube

Today I’ve started my own channel on YouTube. The combination of Jing, YouTube, and a fast connection make it too easy to share quick videos with you. You can check it out at I will generally also embed the videos here, but jump to YouTube for the full resolution display. I’m recording them at 1280×720 to match the Autodesk vids, so hopefully it will work well for everyone!

Make the jump to view the first video, using 3D Polylines to show ROW lines in Section Views.

Is there something you struggle with? Something you’d like to see a quick video on? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!


  1. Rick Carle says:

    For companies that can not stream YouTube, can you make the videos available for download?

    By the way, good luck with Raider Consulting.

    • J. Wedding says:

      I don’t know that I will be able to simply. The whole process of Jing/YouTube is what makes the idea feasible to begin with. When you get into making download versions, etc., you begin multiplying the work a number of times over.

  2. Mark Jung says:

    Isn’t the default Jing save location to Seems like that would work for those who can’t access YouTube (that’s me :-))

    • J. Wedding says:

      While screencast is the default, it’s also a bit of a backwater in terms of people searching for videos. While I appreciate the limits in place by certain IT folks, the larger audience uses YouTube, so that’s where I’m working right now.