And you thought there were a lot of Styles

In Civil3D, we recently looked at how many different types of styles there. However, Civil3D is completely customizable by giving us control over the commands available to us. The control is found in the Command Settings of each feature. For a current project I am working on I needed to get a list of all the command settings and so I put together another PDF for everyone. Careful there is 16 pages worth of Command Settings!!!!

Now only if we had a tool that would allow us to import Command Settings.

You can download the PDF here.

Each command under a feature contains Ambient Settings and Feature Settings. If the command has specific command settings, those will be listed under the command.

New additions to Civil3D 2010 are in orange. I know I did not flag all the new settings (look in Surface).

Now do we see the reason to have and use a really good template?!

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