Welcome to Rick Graham!

In case you missed his post, Rick Graham is joining the civil3d.com blogging team. Rick’s my co-author on Introducing Civil 3D 2010, a long time power user, and a semi-time blogger. We’re adding a few more co-authors this month, so make sure you subscribe to Civil3d’s feed. We’ll be upping the post counts, the variety of voices, and the depth of the posts, so check back often.

A few technical details. Rick’s posts are now part of the civil3d.com history, so if you’re used to reading, or bookmarked a post on Simply Civil 3D, you can find it here now!


  1. David Blanchard says:

    Awesome, welcome Rick!

  2. Tom Snyder says:

    Welcome to the Zoo! Looking forward to the new book.

    Is Dana still part of the mix?

  3. kevin clark says:

    Look forward to reading more from you Rick.

  4. Rick Graham says:


    Dana is now “one of them” (Autodesk employee) – JUST KIDDING DANA! The Intro Book is James and myself. the Mastering book is James and Scott.