The Power of Transparent Commands – Profiles

All this talk of ribbons in 2010 but there is still ONE (technically two but…) toolbar still left for Civil3D. This would the Transparent commands toolbar.

When I first started Civil3D, I really did not understand what all of these were. I thought it would be good to just do a quick review of some of these handy little civil3d ‘object snap’ tools that I love the most.

The tools regarding alignments and profiles are what I used the most and quickly fell in love with. The following video walks through and shows some of the power of the profile transparent commands.

 Click here to view the video


  1. I cannot view any of your videos, what application should I use?

  2. The videos are SWF Adbobe Flash files. Any multimedia player that will play Flash should allow you to view the video. Although I am not encouraging one player over another, the following link should work to get you a viewer.