Mastering and Introducing Civil 3D 2010 Pre-order

I’ve updated the links in the right-sidebar to reflect that the 2010 editions of Mastering and Introducing are available for preorder. Both of these texts are in PDF format right now, but will ship in mid-summer. Thanks to Scott and Rick for their great efforts as co-authors this year, and to Lisa and Jonathan for Tech Ed work!


  1. Fred Mitchell says:

    Any idea when it expects to ship?

  2. J. Wedding says:

    Assuming the stars align, it will ship 7/20, but depending on locale, order method, etc, could be a few days or a few weeks until you had it. That’s why I put a mid-summer date in the original post.

  3. Dean Turner says:

    In the spirit of not killing any more trees than I need to, since it is already in PDF format, will it be available for a downloadable purchase? Seriously, I don’t even want to know how many trees deaths I have been responsible for over my 20+ years of purchasing technical reference books that are really only good for a year at best! I think of all of them, I only ever kept a few of the earlier LISP books that had some real good fundamentals and programming examples.

  4. J. Wedding says:

    Yes, there will be a PDF version available from Wiley on their site for purchase. It will NOT be the pirate versions with crop marks, etc that tend to pop up every year.