Working with Conditional Subassemblies

A client recently asked the following:

I need help with an assembly situation. If you are in fill, I have a fill slope of 1:1 if you are in cut, I need a trapezoidal ditch, and the cut slope needs a bench at a height of 8m, with the bench being 2m wide.

Is there a way to do this?

He sent along this to graphically describe what he is wanting to do.

This is a perfect example of what conditional subassemblies are all about in Civil3D 2010 (or C3D.09 w/Extension)

Condition 1

The first condition would check whether you are in cut or fill right off the shoulder. If you are in cut, then add the ditch. If you are in fill, then add a simple daylight to surface target.

Condition 2

The second condition would be applied as you are getting out of the ditch. From the top of the outside edge of the ditch, check whether you are in cut or fill. If you are in cut still, then apply a daylight bench subassembly whereas if you are in fill, add a berm top and daylight down to surface.

The attached drawing contains the answer to the client’s question. Feel free to use it as an example.


Conditional Subassembly Example C3D 2010 Drawing

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