Welcome Screen – New Features and Best Practices

Today we’re going to wrap up the Welcome screen so that in later blogs we can get into the meat of the program (simplified of course!)

New Features Workshop
This has been around for several releases now is provides a good overview of what’s new. The nice thing about this is that you can actually see what’s new in other releases too:
  • Civil 3D 2010 – This is the default.
  • AutoCAD 2010 – Always nice to see what’s new here since all our programs are built upon this. It surprises me that very few actually know what is new in the plain AutoCAD releases that they can use to help simplify their life in civil 3D!
  • Map 3D 2010 – Since Civil 3D is built upon Map, its nice to see what’s new with this release. And of course, Map is built upon AutoCAD. See how they all relate?
  • Civil 3D 2009
  • AutoCAD 2009
  • Civil 3D 2008
  • AutoCAD 2008 – These last four are nice to know too. I’ve used them on occassion to find a certain new feature and trace back to when it was implemented.
But let’s look at the Civil 3D 2010 Screen for a bit.
The menu is broken down into four areas:
  • User Interface
  • Creating, Drafting, and Editing
  • Displaying and Visualizing
  • Managing Data
Notice the ongoing theme with Civil 3D – Task based. Try them out and see What’s new!
Best Practices Guide
When you click on this, you are opening a PDF file which can be printed out so you have a ‘book’ – but be forewarned that this book is 210 pages long! This guide is based upon the Autodesk developers, beta testers, and user feedback for what makes Civil 3D work in the most efficient manner. Along with recommendations are things to avoid too.
While this guide is just that; a guide or overview. It is not meant to be comprehensive. But it does a good job, and if you follow the suggested recommendations you will find that your Civil 3D will be happier.
So to wrap up the Welcome screen, it is a good resource for: those who are not ¬†familiar with the product, Those who need a quick refresher, and those who have been using it for some time but run into brain cramps. – In other words it’s good for everyone!

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