Twitter Anonymous

Not anything to do with Civil 3D per se, but they say the first step is admission.

I admit it, I’m hooked on Twitter. I have the Chirpr on my gadget desktop at work and at home. It’s almost like soap operas. Maybe it is the reason why Guiding Light is canceled after umpteen years of being on the TV.

When my internet is down at home, I start to sweat and palpitate from withdraw symptoms of twitter and internet in general. I pace the room and constantly mumble to myself about wondering what Lynn_Allen is up to and how civil3diva’s speeches went. I unplug and re-plug in the router and cable modem box hoping to see the euphoric four lights blinking. My wife steers clear of me in these moments.

You can follow my gripes, comments, etc. by twittering to C3D_RickGraham.

I’ll bet you that Twitter Anonymous t-shirts would sell good on CafePress.

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