Partbuilder and Civil 3D 2010

I was very curious with the advent of ribbons on Civil 3D 2010 what they would do with Part Builder. Well, from what I can see – nothing! Part Builder looks and feels like it has now for several releases which is unfortunate.

If I were to take a poll on how many users feel confident with Part Builder, that number would be minuscule compared to their knowledge of, say parceling. I have heard some joke that you need a PhD to figure out Part Builder.
To get to Part Builder in Civil 3D 2010, You have to go to the Modify tab and Design panel. Select Pipe Network. The Pipe Networks contextual tab will appear (its blue). From the Network Tools tab, select the fly out on Parts List and you will see Part Builder.
I’ve played with it enough, like others to come to the conclusion that I’m an idiot when it comes to this part of the program and it shouldn’t have to be that way! I was viewing the famous Lynn Allen’s AutoCAD 2010 Tips screen cast and the part about parametric design had a real sour taste in my mouth with our present version of Part Builder. You see the very rich-laden ribbon for all those constraints – and the AUTO CONSTRAIN! Oh wow.
Oh Autodesk, why do you tease us? Maybe what we are seeing in AutoCAD 2010 is a foreshadowing of things to come to pass in future versions of Civil 3D. I (and others) hope so.

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