Its the little things – 3

Surprisingly, labeling a northing and easting in Civil3D was never straightforward. For a civil guy like me, it seemed pretty easy. Just create a point label style that displays the point’s northing and easting and you are good to go. However, the survey guys thought that using a C3D point object to just label a northing/easting (coordinate) was not right.

In comes all crazy ideas of how to get northing and easting labels in a drawing WITHOUT using a point object. From using a line label to creating a station offset label that had nothing to do with an alignment.

Now in C3D 2010, notice what you can add to a General Note label style text component.

It may seem like a small thing but this little addition will make everyone happy when it comes to displaying northing and easting coordinates.


  1. Michael Fedorenko says:

    This is much easier than using the “get coordinate” function of the calculator.

  2. Jakub Svoboda says:

    Remember the excellent coordinate labeling tool in Land Desktop? It’s always been a mystery to me why something so useful wasn’t included by default in C3D. I made my own block with fields to do the same thing, and of course you can use C3D points with an appropriate style (which is not included by default, btw), but it’s great that finally C3D labels have a way to to accomplish this task.

    I agree with your surveyors; in most cases points should not be used for purely labeling. It can cause confusion and takes up point numbers for no good reason. And besides, using points is a kludge – labeling coordinates should be done with, *gasp*, LABELS!