FOUR Months!

Well, now that its a new year and FOUR months passed since my last blog entry I thought I would try to repent and have a go at it again.

To be fair, I have been busy doing other things such as co-authoring a book called Introducing Civil 3D 2010 with fellow author and good friend of (James Wedding). This experience has been an eye-opening one. Although I’m not completely done yet, I can say I’m on the home stretch. I hope you all run out and pick one or two up when it comes out.

I have been busy in the beta field too. I have been on the Civil 3D 2010 and Impression 3 beta team. I really enjoy that process. not just because I get to play with the software, but more importantly my voice can be heard with issues/future developments. If you are interested in doing this kind of work, go to myfeedback and register!

So what kind of little Simple tidbit can I leave you with that no one else has blogged about? Well, the pickings are slim! lol I will say that the new ribbon interface in 2010 is nice! Once you get to see and play with it, you will be more productive. The ribbon is designed with workflow in mind. If you are doing annotative stuff, you just click on the Annotate tab at the top and all your favorites for annotation are there.

The contextual ribbons are just shear genius! If you click on an alignment, the ribbon will concentrate on just items having to do with that alignment. when you are done with that alignment the ribbon returns back to normal. Its almost scary the AI built in!

Well, that enough for now. Hopefully I’ll be blogging more now that things are starting to wind down a bit .

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