opens Forum beta

Since its inception, has mostly been a passive resource, a one way street from EE to you. However, we’ve always enjoyed and appreciated the insight our guest-posters add to the dialog of our regular bloggers. Now we want to open it up to you.

Today we opened the forums at While there’s nothing groundbreaking in the medium itself, what’s exciting is the potential of the nearly 2000 visitors we get each day to join the discussion, get peer-to-peer feedback, and raise the overall community’s understanding of Civil 3D.

In addtion to reading, posting and responding, you can also subscribe to forum discussions vis RSS; search the threads; and share your profile info with other members.

Remember, the best forums are active forums, so be sure to particpate. Check it out at and please let me know what you think.




  1. Tom Snyder says:


    Although it’s not ground breaking, it is very much needed and appreciated by all that begin to use C3D or current C3D user. This is a vast collection of professionals that help others with the struggles of the implementation and mastering of this very powerful tool. Between AUGI forums and now EE forums, I don’t think anyone will have the excuse that they couldn’t find the answer.

    Prop’s to you and your team!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Will you allow us to update our profiles (i.e. our avatar)?