Civil 3D 2010: Staggered Profile Labels

Last week I wrote about how Civil 3D 2010 has eliminated one of my least favorite things to do.  Well, add to that list manually editing profile labels to clean up a profile view.  Details on how Civil 3D 2010 takes care of this after the jump.

Staggered Profile Labels

Oftentimes due to the scale of the profile or section view and/or the detail of the objects shown there, labels can overlap one another causing an unsightly drawing that is difficult to read. Prior to Civil 3D 2010 many of these labels had to be manually repositioned to improve their appearance and readability. Now this situation can be dealt with automatically through the use of staggered labels.

Certain profile and section label types possess staggering parameters that will eliminate overlapping labels and provide leaders back to the locations being labeled. These options are available when adding the labels to a profile or section label set. Depending on the options you choose, you can automatically shift the labels left, right, or in both directions as well as control the geometry of the leaders that are created.


Try it out and see how it improves the labeling of profiles in tight areas.


  1. Greg Schaapveld says:

    Any chance this works within profile bands, too? *fingers crossed*

  2. Mark Jung says:

    Looks like it only work in the “Profile Bands”. Too bad it doesn’t work with Structure Labels.