Civil 3D 2010: New Surface Settings

A few additions to Surface settings may just make the lives of you and your co-workers a bit easier in Civil 3D 2010.  Read more after the jump.

Rebuild Automatic by Default

This one may may cause a bit of debate, but whether you think it’s a good idea or not, you can now set up Civil 3D so that new surfaces are set to Rebuild Automatic by default.  The setting is found by right-clicking the Surface collection of the Settings tab and selecting Edit Feature Settings.  Under the new Surface Defaults tree, you’ll find a single setting entitled Default Rebuild – automatic which you simply set to Yes or No.


Got an opinion as to whether this is a good idea?  Please share with a comment!

New Weeding, Supplementing, etc. Defaults

You can now preset a series of defaults related to weeding, supplementing and other factors associated with adding breaklines and contour data to a surface.  These settings are found by accessing Command Settings under Surfaces and modifying the settings for AddSurfaceBreaklines and AddSurfaceContours.  Here you’ll find a new Add Data Options tree with additional settings.




  1. My Spidey/nerdy-sense is tingling! You can now set a defalut mid-ordinance distance to something other than 1?!?! Our wish-list prayers have been answered!

  2. NICE, being able to adjust Supplementing Distance and Mid-ordinate Distance will be nice. Finally!!

  3. J. Stevens says:

    I agree, about time.

  4. Tom Snyder says:

    Can anyone give details to what these settings will do? What’s the big deal if you can or can’t change them? How does it afect the surface for the contours and what is weeding for? What’s the setting distance 15.000 do?

    Also, what’s the advantage of the suface updating? Don’t you want it locked and not to change unless you tell it to change because of new points. What if you had some shots that had bad control and you fixed them, would this setting automaticly adjust the surface?


  5. Jakub Svoboda says:

    I love the ability to have design surfaces rebuild by default! This is so much better than Land Desktop and saves me piles of time. The instant feedback is invaluable. Of course, it’s surface size and computer horsepower dependent, but then again, what isn’t in C3D!?!

  6. Tom Snyder says:

    Well since nobody has answered my questions (maybe a forum would be a better place for this, and EE just stared one too), I’ve done some checking on my own about the surface topics that I bring up.

    Jakub is correct in the instant feedback aspect of the software and time saver.

    The settings are the parameters that give C3D its flexibility and customization to every project. You have it to manipulate or maneuver the precision and the frequency of the data. Basically, in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 (what I use), you can reduce the number of points generated along a breakline by specifying weeding factors. Vertices that are closer together than the specified distance or deflect less than the specified angle factor are ignored. If you would like to learn more about this topic…like I did. You can go to ADD BREAKLINES DIALOG BOX in the AutoCAD Civil 3D Help.

    Thanks to the pep’s that interjected some dialect to this conversation.

    Have a great day