Autodesk Joins Engineered Efficiency in Offering Free Training

Back on March 9, Engineered Efficiency launched its Free Training Outreach program to provide CAD training to the unemployed. Today, Autodesk joined EE in offering free training through the Autodesk Assistance Program. In addition to free live training, you can now get access to recorded training and discounted Autodesk Certification.

Nice work, Autodesk!

Note: Just to be clear, the EE Free Training Outreach and the Autodesk Assistance Program are separate initiatives. EE’s Outreach is an independent program funded and administered solely by EE. Also, live, instructor-led training is so far offered only by Engineered Efficiency.


  1. Don’t forget the free* software…

    *13 month Education License of Inventor, AutoCAD, Revit, or Civil 3D for qualified unemployed users.

  2. Yes, Anthony is correct, you can also get the software needed for the training.

  3. As a preemptive strike, do not, repeat, DO NOT, bring any drawing, block, template, or anything created with the student version into your workplace. That’s the quickest way to get back in the unemployment line.

    Unless I’m out of touch, drawings created with the student version will “infect” any other drawing it is brought into with a “Student Version” disclaimer/watermark. This includes xrefs. Just leave all that at home when you find a new workplace. Better yet, delete it all so you don’t forget down the road.

  4. Steven Todd says:

    Sounds great. What does EE add though? Why would I sign up for this through EE, instead of through Autodesk?

  5. “…Also, live, instructor-led training is so far offered only by Engineered Efficiency.”