Sid in Civil

Today I was trying to answer a support request about how to handle SID imagery in Civil 3D. Since the EE team is a big fan of Camtasia, Jing, and Snagit, I thought why try to write out the process when I could just record it? So, CivilAccess customers, make the jump to see a three-minute video on using SID imagery with Autocad Civil 3D and Map data tools.

Mr Sid inside Civil3D

One comment

  1. Lisa Pohlmeyer says:

    When I start the video, I cannot see the entire Civil 3D application screen if my bookmarks sidebar is visible. Although I”m very familiar with what you’re doing, others may not be. Perhaps a note in your post to dismiss the bookmarks. Even then, your screen is a little large, part of the Map taskpane is off the screen. (I did check scroll bars first, there weren’t any).