Offset Alignments in Civil3D 2010

With Civil3D 2010, there are now FOUR different types of alignments! What are they and especially what is an offset alignment? Find out after the jump.

The four types are:

  • Centerline Alignments
    • These are what we would consider normal, baseline alignments
  • Offset Alignments
    • These are connected to centerline and are a certain offset from the centerline alignments
  • Curb Return Alignments
    • Very similar to offset alignments except that they are connected to TWO centerline alignments
  • Miscellaneous Alignments
    • Stripped down, simple alignment objects

An offset alignment is very cool in that it dynamically stays offset from the parent, centerline alignment. Wherever the centerline alignment goes, the offset follows.


You can define the range that the offset alignment follows and even add portions where the offset alignment adjusts its offset and how it adjusts the offset.



  1. Dean Turner says:

    Either your screen shots need to be a bit clearer or the pictures need to be selectable to zoom. Can’t really see anything useful.

    Otherwise good to hear! This could make things much easier in some situations.

  2. Dean Turner says:

    Much better, thanks!

  3. Dean,

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I adjusted the images so that they are now selectable.