Missing Profile Curve label data?

Recently a comment to this blog asked about where all that missing profile curve label data was? In Land Desktop (and even other software applications) you could label Algebraic Difference, Middle Ordinates, and the External Ordinates for profile curves. Why isn’t it available in Civil3D?

It is!! Read on to find out how to add it to your labels.

Civil3D was built to be a versatile, all around Civil engineering application. This is why there is so much flexibility. Of course, with flexibility – there comes more settings, options, etc. The above data is not native to profile curve labels but you can use Expressions to add the data to any profile curve label.

Algebraic Differenceimage

For example, you can label grade change in profile curves but what if you want to show the grade change in integers and not in decimals or percentage? You can use an expression such as:

{Grade Change}*100

Middle Ordinate


The expression for a middle ordinate gets a little trickier. But you can use something like:

({PVI Elevation}-{External Secant})-({Profile Curve Start Elevation}-(({Profile Curve Start Elevation}-{Profile Curve End Elevation})/{Chord Distance})*({PVI Station}-{Profile Curve Start Station}))

As you can see with expressions what you want labeled is only limited by your creativity and maybe at what level you got with Calculus 🙂

Do you have some nifty little expressions you would like to share??

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