Intersections: 2009 vs 2010

Yeah, I know, there’s all kinds of marketing fluff out there. I was tested similar to Jack, and didn’t come near his time (I won’t bother mentioning that I did it blind, while he rigorously rehearsed. Oh wait, I just mentioned it.) In this video, Jack Strongitharm of Autodesk shows the difference in building an intersection between 2009 and 2010. Watch after the jump.

If you need an excuse to at least check out 2010, here you go:


  1. David Voith says:

    Wow quite a huge difference. I don’t know what I am more shocked at, how fast he did it in ’09 (14 min) or how little time it took in 2010(24sec).

  2. J. Wedding says:

    Jack is that good. A pure phenomenon. Seriously, he’ll kick my ass in driving C3D most days. Maybe if I caught him after a few pints…but I wouldn’t compare that to any sort of normal user. If I recall, the average time for doing two quadrants in 2009 was around 20 minutes for a group of AEs/Consultants. Experts by all means, but nowhere near Jack.

    Oh, and the software is that good as well.

  3. And that’s just creation time – the next revision of that intersection is the power the intersection design.

  4. Dana Probert says:

    I can confirm that Jack is a machine. The first time I saw him build an interchange live, my eyes could barely keep up. We wanted to have a webcam on him as he built this, maybe add some Benny Hill type music- clips of Ove handing him powerbars and gatorade…

  5. larry richards says:

    HOLY COW!!!!

  6. Jack Strongitharm says:

    Practice makes perfect!
    Thanks for the comments guys, I think the main thing here is that yes I can make these things fast in the current releases, but probably full of mistakes.
    This release just throws down the theory as we all know it and then we can play!
    You will also find some nice things in navigating those corridors, March 24th and we can let it all out the bag!
    Jack Strongitharm

  7. Jason Hickey says:

    Having seen Jack do this myself, a major part of me is a little sad that he’ll have to figure out something else to make him famous now (and fit THAT into his name…) Another part of me just can’t stop laughing at the mental image of him doing it to Benny Hill music…

  8. Partbuilder Jack?