Gone with the Flow

The new AutoCAD Civil 3d 2010 should arrive this spring, or rather be available for subscription download during some nice spring shower.  [Just using history as my guide, so I don’t know when-don’t ask. Trying for a little April showers bring May flowers…]  It is more because I want to talk about what we are going to do with that rain shower once it descends to our parametric-model. 

imageThe Civil 3d version will contain the Three Hydraflow analysis tools – Storm, Express, and Hydrographs.  For our metric friends, each extension should be metric compliant, including the appropriate metric pipes sizes. (not more soft conversion)  AutoCAD Civil 3d now will directly export to the STM file.  This is a great plus as an incorrect flow direction on a pipe issue disappears.   Still missing the ability to attach the area, and tc to a structure.  Wonder if Hydro-Pack will write to the STM file?

Storm Sewers and Structures can display the HGL and EGL in profile.

Civil 3d includes some new command settings and a few more lists to setup and develop a standard so that your Part appropriately is converted to the correct inlet type in the Storm Sewers extension.   If you part list does not consider Manning’s values – that Optional part list value (the missing Mannings) accompanies you into Storm Sewer.  BIM at work…

While you are thinking about your part list – New Parts are available in the catalog – End Sections, CMP, HDPE, Corrugated HDPE,  PVC.  Add your Coded Pay Items to that list while your at it…


I love the new Ribbon.  It took sometime to get used too the location of some items that will require you to think.  Try to think back to when you learned grips.

The disappointment – you have to load Civil 3d to launch Storm Sewers, Hydrographs or Express.

Those are my first few thoughts about the Analysis tools – Storm Sewers, Hydrographs and Express.


  1. Josh Petersen says:

    Does parts builder seem easier to use?

  2. Jeff Paulsen says:

    Have the Hydraflow programs been revised to accommodate this new functionality or are they the same as the 2009 version? If they have not changed, we can leave the 2009 versions installed and won’t need to open Civil 3D to use them.

  3. Hydraflow has been revised for metric as well as multiple pipe network names. Part Builder isn’t something I’ve messed with in 2009 – but we the new parametric updates to the base AutoCAD, sounds like they’ve added part builder stuff into AutoCAD…

  4. Tim Reeves says:

    Hmmm. I haven’t seen it yet, but i wonder if the parts list will be smart enough to change the manning’s for a corrugated HDPE when the pipe size gets larger than 24″? As you may know, smaller than 24 inch corr. HDPE you can get smooth or corrugated interior, but after 24″ I believe it is all smooth walled? Seems like an easy way to screw something up if we just select Corrugated HDPE.

  5. The parts list in 2009 only “optionally” allowed the Mannings n value. For LandXML transfer, the value isnt needed. If you plan on migrating your template forward, your part list will need to have the correct n values built into each part or your perform a Global Edit in Hydraflow to apply a Mannings n value.