Engineered Efficiency, Inc. offers FREE Training to Unemployed

There is seldom an upside to getting “down-sized”, but we at Engineered Efficiency, Inc. are doing our part to add at least a little silver lining. Starting March 9th, EE will offer free nationwide Civil 3D training to those who have recently lost their jobs in the current economic crisis. Training will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis and will consist of live, instructor-led, hands-on training. Users can choose from any of the eight classes currently offered by Engineered Efficiency, Inc. Over the past year, EE has offered its revolutionary training program on a subscription basis to organizations implementing AutoCAD Civil 3D, training hundreds of users across the country. With today’s announcement, this proven system is now accessible to those who are looking to improve their skills and increase their re-employment opportunities.

It’s very tough out there right now, and there are a lot of good people who are looking for work. As readers of this blog, you know we’ve always strived to help the end-users and hope that by offering free training you can use your downtime to improve your skills and expand your options when looking for a new position.  I’m confident those who attend these free classes will be impressed with the quality and value and advocate for additional services from EE once you are employed again.

Classes range from learning Civil 3D core concepts, styles creation, and data management to process-based advanced design classes in transportation, hydrology, survey and more. To qualify, users simply need to contact EE at and fill out the registration form. Upon verification, users will be sent a link to register for the class of their choosing. For more information, visit their website or contact EE at 866-760-8724.



  1. John Marsau says:

    Damn Mark that is a great offer. Using your down time to make yourself more valuable is a good long-term strategy.

  2. Kevin Spear says:

    Hey guys, a quick question. Being that im apart of the jobless, i am also about to be civil 3d-less. How does this work when you dont have the application native on your home machine?

  3. J. Wedding says:

    You’ll have a couple of options. The easiest of course is to get a 30-day trial copy of C3D from Autodesk or from the back of any AOTC course. This will install the full version and run for 30 days, plenty of time to get in on one of our classes. The second option that we’re looking into is the availability of Student copies for use in this effort. Mark will have to follow up with that one.

  4. I think this is a really great thing that EE is offering. I hope many people take advantage of the offer and that it helps raise the level of knowledge for technicians, designers, and engineers alike.

    Bravo to EE for stepping up to the plate on this one.

  5. Dean Turner says:

    Yet another reason that I want to be able to work with EE!!!

    1. I wish that I could convince my current employer to use you guys! 🙁

    2. We have laid off several people over the past few months, I will try and let them know. Do you have a list of locations where this will be offered?

    3. Even though I could really use some of the training myself, I sure hope I don’t qualify anytime soon! 😉

  6. Dean, thanks for the kind words and we hope we can work with you too!

    All training is hands-on, instructor led and will require users to work through exercises along with the instructor. The classes will be presented online and details will be provided for those that register and are approved. Please encourage your colleagues to register.


  7. C. Doggett says:

    This is a really generous offer. I’m forwarding it to about 30 people. I hope it pays off for you in the long run. You deserve it!