You Say It Best, When You Say Nothing at All

I just finished watching the AEC launch webcast from Friday and reading the press kit materials (available on the same page). One of the questions at the end was whether or not Civil 3D 2010 would be 64-bit native. While they did have some technical issues that prevented a clear answer on the webcast, let me throw out two bits of data for your speculation:

1. Access mdb format is essentially a dead format, and will likely never be ported to 64-bit system. Survey and points databases are historically mdb files.

2. Map 2010 was touted at being 64-bit ready in the PR kit. This was a common request from Map users, so when they addressed it, Autodesk made it a selling point. Good business in my estimation.

Since there was no mention of a change in the survey format, and there was no specific mention of a 64-bit C3D as a primary selling point…I’ll let you connect the dots.


  1. Clem Kuns says:

    And they say they are “cutting edge”?

  2. David Voith says:

    They talked pretty heavily on the Revit software and not so much on Civil 3D. Seems like the questions early on were staged and the later ones they had trouble answering. I think that’s a pretty general question that they should know the answer to by now.

  3. I agree with David- you would think that could be a yes or no kind of question by now. Even then, James, you make a good point about the survey stuff.

  4. Lance White says:

    Every time anybody talks about AEC that talk about Revit. I’ve given up any hope of the other two letters of AEC ever being given equal treatment.

  5. Mark Pendergraft says:

    Very astute observations. I suppose i’ll begin crossing my fingers for 2011.

  6. The question was answered to the person who asked (not me), you just needed to ask what the answer was. Civil 3D 2010 is not going to come in a 64-bit version according to PR.