The Bullet List: AutoCAD Civil 2010

Without further elaboration, here are the big bullets from todays PR Packet:

  • Improved UI: Ribbon, Consistent Interface, Quick Access Toolbar, New Application Menu
  • Surveying and Design: Intersection Wizard, Enhanced Field to Finish, Enhanced Parcel Generation, Alignment Offset and MAsking tools
  • Production Drafting: Staggered profile and section labels, Enhanced labeling Profile and Section Projection of objects, and Profile hatching.

Obviously, these are the big ticket items, and this list is pretty dry. Believe me when I say this is REALLY undersestimating the amount of coolness in 2010. As we’re slowly released from various agreements, we’ll be back with more. For now, you can get your hands on the press materials if you care that much. Click here.

One comment

  1. leonardo christian says:

    Hi James,

    I am new to this site, regarding this ability for staggered profiles/section views can you please send me a picture of this so I can see? Our company is still on 2008 and have not yet upgraded 2010. One of the major issue we have are the overlaps in labels in bands as we need to show existing and design surface levels in separate rows. This staggering may solve this hopefully?