Looking at the Point Group Commander

As we release EE ProPack Hydro, the next step is to prepare EE ProPack for 2010 (it is going to be awesome). As I start looking at the tools in EE ProPack Base, I forgot how much I love some of these tools. I thought I would take a walk through some of my favorite tools in EE ProPack Base for the next few posts.

I thought I would start with a point tool called Point group Commander. The Point Group Commander allows you to select a point and see what point groups the selected point belongs to.


So why is the tool called Point Group Commander?

Well besides listing the point groups that the selected point currently belongs to, there is a checkbox next to each point group which will allow to quickly change which point groups the selected point belongs to.

Pretty cool, huh?

What is your favorite EE ProPack Base tool?

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