EE ProPack Base 2010 – Wishlist

One thing that we wanted to do when we created the EE ProPack was have software that would be dynamic to the needs/wants of the users. I know that word dynamic gets thrown around quite a bit but software that updates to your whim? How cool is that?

The challenge was keeping up with all the requests. We were able to add many over the months that 2009 was out. Yet, we received many more. As we get ready for 2010, we have pored over these requests and believe we have narrowed it down.

How can we be sure though? Don’t we want to find what YOU the user thinks? Of course! And that is why we have put together this survey.

The survey is a list of some of the tools we have thought about adding – based upon your feedback. Simply select the tools in the order of interest to you.

Better yet, if you have other ideas you can add a comment and let us know what SHOULD we work on for 2010!

(BTW, if you can’t see or work with the survey below you can go to the link here



  1. How about label pipe flowlines (or soffits) at increments in the profile view band?
    There HAS to be a way to get that info to show in the band – we show that every day. And tracing the pipe with a profile is not an acceptable work-around. It kills the dynamic nature of Civil 3d.

    Very good stuff, though! Can’t wait for the release.

  2. Chuck,

    Thanks for the input. Maybe you can send me a drawing breaking down what you would like in more detail. You can send me the drawing at joshua.modglin AT eng-eff DOT com

  3. Stephen Hackett says:

    would like to see 2 way data exchange for STB config file to CSV…

    also, sometimes an HI bust in field data requires an elevation (datum) adjustement to range of point numbers instead of current C3d method of individual selection or to ‘all’ points…


  4. David Voith says:

    Save down to Civil 3D 2008, without having to explode or export Civil 3D data through xml and have to relabel everything.

  5. David Anderson says:

    Copy a label with text overrides from one drawing to another without losing overridden text.