Switching Code Sets While Viewing Your Corridor

For those who haven’t found this little jewel on their own, the View/Edit Corridor Sections command has its own set of options that give you lots of control over how the corridor is shown.  Find out how to get to these options after the jump.

After launching the View/Edit Corridor Sections command, a toolbar appears.  As shown in the image below, one of the buttons drops down to give you  the Edit/View Options command.


I wonder why the command is “View/Edit” but the options are “Edit/View”?  Anyway…

There are lots of options here such as grid display, grid color, grid interval, etc. but my personal favorite is being able to assign a different code set style to the corridor. 


This lets me set up different code sets that might show and/or label things differently than I would show in the plotted sections.  In the example below, I’m using a _No Display code set style which turns off the corridor completely allowing me to see if my datum and finished ground surfaces were built correctly.


Then I can switch code set styles and see the corridor and a few key labels to check my design.


As designers, we often need to see different things at different times so having a list of several code set styles is a great way to do this quickly without actually changing anything in the drawing.

Hope this one pays off for you!

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