Searching for Ideas

As the Internet matures there is more and more data out there that we can use to help us in our design. It is just a matter of finding it. Let’s take a look at some methods and engines that are out there to find designs, details, and ideas.

There are two sites that make it to the top of the list. One of course, is from Autodesk and is currently being marketed quite a bit.

Autodesk Seek

Found at this website is cool. It is Design Center on steroids and lists all the different file types a certain object is available in for download.


However, as is the challenge with Design Center it seems that most of the files available are more for the Architectural side of things. Hopefully this will improve in the coming months.

Testing with the name headwall it found no (relevant) files.


Found at plays off the name and popularity of (or maybe off the idea that everything stays in Beta forever). This site not only lists but also allows you to preview the DWF files it finds.

Testing with the name headwall, it found 192 files.


Both Google and Live regular search engines allow you to search for a specific filetype such as DWF.

The in the search line is to include the phrase “filetype:dwf” after the detail or object you are looking for.

Testing with the name headwall (headwall filetype:dwf), it found 201 files.


Live works exactly like Google in its ability to find filetypes.

Testing with the name headwall (headwall filetype:dwf), it found 51 files.


Let me know what YOU use to find details and other ideas!

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  1. Mark Jung says:

    We use “Design Center Online” as a resource. It’s built right into AutoCAD.