Migrating a Vault Project to Data Shortcuts

More fun from the Update 1 ReadMe file: How to migrate a Vault project to Data Shortcuts. Since I’m always reminding myself of the process, I’ve put it here. Read on after the jump.

You can migrate Vault-based project XML files to the data shortcut structure using the following process:

  1. Download the latest versions of all drawings (log into Vault > set the current project > get the latest version).
  2. Open the Data Shortcut Editor.
  3. Browse to open the project.xml file located in the local project folder.
  4. From within the Data Shortcut Editor, use search and replace. Search for $ and replace this with the local folder name (C:\Civil 3D Projects).
  5. Use SaveAs to create a _Shortcuts structure in the local project folder.
  6. Remove the old project from Vault.

The migration is completed and drawings that are downloaded from the server will be treated as non-Vault drawings.

Chuck Lamping notes that there’s an option for Delete Source during the SaveAs step, and that this should be turned ON to avoid having duplicate data sources. Good stuff!


  1. Thanks for the info.
    Someday I really should get around to getting away from Vault.

  2. Just do it. It’s the best thing I did all year.