Interview with Stan Greene of Autodesk

I spent some time in Manchester, NH last week, and had the opportunity to sit down with Stan Greene of Autodesk for one of our infrequent interviews. He talks about the Beta process, what happens with CERs, the recent reduction in Autodesk staff, and Autodesk’s commitment to the Civil Engineering industry. Follow the jump to get to the interview.


It’s about 11:30 long, so take a short break and get the skinny direct from Manchester. Are there other Autodesk folks you’d like to hear on the record? Others voices in the industry? Let me know in the comments.

And for those of you who were paying attention, here‘s the QTO app Stan mentioned.


  1. Thanks James and Thanks Stan…

  2. That was great. I fresh approach to these posting AND an informative look behind the curtain at ADesk QA

  3. Thanks for providing this great interview. Stan mentioned some great outlets for providing feedback to help influence and enhance the future of Civil 3D. They’re listening!