2009 Update 2 Released today!

The AutoCAD Civil 3d 2009 Update 2 Version 3.1, ehm, Service Pack 2 went live today here.   The readme file addresses what was fixed in this version.  (Yeah!)

Iā€™m just bummed that this knowledge base document was also released today.   ;(


  1. Service pack 2 still didn’t fix the missing tabs in the label style composer/editor when you right-click on the label and Edit Label Style. Not a huge deal, since you can get at the missing tabs when you edit thru the “Add Labels…” in pull down menu.

    Just thought this was a widely enough known bug that it would have been taken care of this go-round. It generally happens on Profile View Labels, in case you were wondering.

  2. Scott Lawson says:

    show me the bonus pack… er… not so much I guess.

  3. Mark Jung says:

    2 days with no crash….maybe they’re on to something here? Or I’m not pushing it hard enough šŸ™‚

  4. Have you tried a eTransmit yet? Guaranteed Fatal Error now. Anybody else had issues/reasons not to install?

  5. David Voith says:

    Yes E-transmit is jazzed up. Great to have some errors fixed only to have others surface. Why would the programmers not test that out first? That’s a common command that I use all the time.

  6. The Civil 3d DG reports that SP2 was pulled pending further review from the booth.
    See here for more…

  7. Lance White says:

    I got the download before they pulled it. Knew about the etransmit problem we get that. I didn’t know about the fact that some people have been getting errors because it will make an external surface file for small surfaces, hasn’t happened to us yet. Went ahead and installed even considering the etransmit thing the other things it fixes makes it worth it even if no etransmit sucks.

  8. Kori Boudreaux says:

    I’m tring to get the file but Autodesk pulled it. Is there any other way i can download the file?

  9. Kori,

    They don’t pull Updates without a really good reason. If you manage to get your hands on it, I would REALLY suggest you don’t install it. It will be back up quite soon I’m sure.

  10. Steven James says:

    Still not back up as far as I can see…good thing none of our jobs depend on this software, eh?

  11. Kent Schellinger says:

    Load SP2 and ran a for a few days with no incident until I tried to create a very simple export to .shp via the Map menu. Civil3d crashed. The export was seven circles showing some wetlands points.

  12. Looks like they released 2.1