Missing Network Part List

During my many conversations with people at Autodesk University 2008, a few people indicated that during a LandXML import, the network part list gets lost in translation.   I do recall losing the network part list once in a while, but editing the network properties always seems to work appropriately.

To reproduce this, create a pipe network in Hydraflow Storm Sewers.  Export that pipe design to LandXML and import the LandXML file into Civil 3d.  image

If you review your Pipe Networks in Prospector, the Network Parts List is shown as blank as you see here.

Great – what now?

The fix is easy as all you need to do is redirect the Pipe Network to point to the correct Network Parts list.


Just trigger the pull down, ignore the fact that the network shows the top of the list as the default list, and select the correct list.

Refresh Prospector and Swap parts.



There is something about the black shirt with AU SPEAKER emblazed above the left pocket to encourage people to ask questions.   Thanks to all who attended my class. 

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