EE Authors Three Autodesk Whitepapers

One thing we’re proud of here at EE is that quite often, when Autodesk needs subject matter experts to write about Civil 3D, they turn to us.  Recently we were asked to author three whitepapers that address transportation design in Civil 3D.  Details after the jump.

The three whitepapers can be found here and the titles are as follows:

Road Design Basics with AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D

Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction with AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D

Rule Based Road Design using AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D

We recommend that you read them in order as the first one is basic (as the title implies) and the following two become progressively more in-depth.

One highlight is the table in the appendix of the first whitepaper which lists out all of the subassemblies in C3D 2009 with a brief description, list of capabilities, etc.  This is an awesome resource to print out and hang on your cube wall to speed up the process of picking the right subassembly for the job.  I’ve talked to numerous C3D users who have done just this and wonder how they ever lived without it.


Also, keep your eyes peeled for two upcoming EEcasts that are based on these whitepapers. Register by following this link

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  1. Shawn Swanberg says:

    wow I was looking for exactly this – very helpful!