Do You Know Who We Are?

When we were at Autodesk University a few weeks ago, dozens, if not hundreds of you readers stopped by our booth to say “Hi”. It was great to see so many of you, but one thing surprised me.


As you can see from this picture, a lot of you stopped by the booth to chat and to play/watch Rock Band! The one thing that surprised me was how many people know about but did not realize that Engineered Efficiency, Inc provides the brains and brawn behind the blog! Also, many of you did not realize these other facts:

  • Engineered Efficiency sells Autodesk software and subscriptions
  • Engineered Efficiency provides Civil3D consulting across the US and Canada (actually, all of the western hemisphere!)
  • Our clients have access to additional, client-only content on
  • We provide nearly 90 hours of instructor-led training PER MONTH for less than the cost of a single class from a typical reseller.
  • Engineered Efficiency is the company behind the weekly EECasts, the FREE, hour-long Civil 3D webcasts presented every Monday
  • We created EE ProPack Base and EE ProPack Hydro Civil 3D add-ons that so many users have come to rely on.

You may just gloss over the banner at the top of the screen or the links on the left side, but maybe they are worth a closer look. You’ve known for a while to come to for reliable expert knowledge. Now you know that Engineered Efficiency is the team that makes it happen.



  1. tim wall says:

    AU 2008 was a tremendous experience. Visiting with James Wedding, Eric Chappell and Mark Meyers was worth all the time fighting the crowds in the Exhibit Hall! The EE booth was always the most crowded. I returned home with all the info I needed to persuade management to upgrade to Civil 3D 2009 & EE CivilAccess – my negotiation skills remain to be seen, but I’m going to do my best. Thanks again.