Create a Custom Subassembly without Programming

As a programmer, it is easy to think of how to program any solution that you need as the first answer. Most of the time though, there are easier out-of-the-box ways to accomplish tasks that are simply overlooked. One of those is how to create a custom subassembly without programming.

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There is an option in the Corridors menu to create a subassembly from Polyline. Let’s take a brief look at how powerful this little tool is.

image Once you create a polyline in the shape of the object you want to create (say a special curb), then you just select this option. We get a very generic subassembly.

image However, if you pick this new subassembly and right-click, there are a few options. One option is to Add Code. This allows us to add link, point, and shape codes to our new subassembly. You can add all the coding that you want so as to get your quantities, have your sections show up correctly, get the feature lines you want, etc. with some simple work on a polyline.

image You can create quite a few simple subassemblies this way for the time (and cost) of coding one. That said, we would be happy to program any special subassemblies that you need. Just contact us at


  1. Can you add Targets and other parameters?

  2. No you cannot add target parameters w/o programming