Cold Medicine, Blisters, and the best AU yet

As I sit in the McCarran Airport and look back at the past week, it seems like a blur. The old saying goes, “time flies when you are having fun” and we definitely have fun at AU. As tradition goes, I arrived to Las Vegas fighting a cold. Unfortunately, this cold was worse than most and I lost my voice but not before doing my class on Tuesday morning on using Data Shortcuts in AutoCAD Civil3D 2009. The class went well and I appreciate all who attended and the feedback. There were a lot of great questions and a very interactive audience which makes the class fun for both the audience AND the teacher.

This was definitely a unique look at AU for me. This was my first year working at the booth with EE. The EE group is a blast and we had RockBand setup for any who wanted to play and get a chance at winning the Wii. I am sure we will get pictures up shortly.

Next year’s AU will be at Mandalay Bay, December 1-4. Considering the current economy start finding a way to build the trip into your budget now.

I wonder will I walk less in Mandalay Bay??

You see, I did not listen to Dana’s advice and bought new shoes just for AU. Next year, her checklist will be my checklist.

To friends (old and new) – see you next year!

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