AU Tip: Readability

As promised, I’m back with more of the tips from my Best of the Blogs Class from AU this year. This is another simple one, but one that has saved me hours of time in building and updating templates. What’s the not so secret secret about readability? Check it out after the jump.

Simple stuff, really, if you’re ever editing label styles, you’ll notice the Readbility Bias angle is on every single one’s general tab. If you ever thought like I did that 110 was too high a rotation angle before the numbers flipped, you spent a lot of time changing individual styles.

I was well on my through this exercise again at AU 2007, when someone in the audience was kind enough to tell me I was wasting my time. And she was right: If you go to the Settings tab, right-click on the file name and select Labeling Defaults, you can set the angle as shown here.


More AU tips to come!

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