AU Civil 3D Tip

Couple of quick items today as we’re all recovering from the geeked out binge that is AU. Thanks again to all of you that attended my class, I’ll continue to keep posting the tips that weren’t in the handout; that was on purpose, it was the “Best of the Blogs,” not, “Best Tips in an AU Handout.” Read on for today’s tip.

When you’re struggling to remember that command you saw on a website, or overheard someone use one time, but can never recall, TAB is your friend. Just start typing the command in the command line, and hit the TAB key after a few letters. You’ll begin scrolling through the list of command that begin with that string. SHOWDRAWINGTIPSFULL is one of my faves, but I refuse to type it all out, so I use SHOW (then TAB, TAB) and there I am.  More to come this week!


  1. Jeffrey Smith says:

    I tried this command. It didn’t do anything. What is it suppose to do? Thanks!

  2. That’s a good one!

  3. Michaela Gehn says:

    Sweet! SHOWDRAWINGTIPSFULL is my new favourite command. Thx for that one. The TAB function has been a lifesaver more than a few times.

  4. manuel fernandes says:

    thank you, it is very handy and helpful