AU by the Numbers

I had a chance to chat with Joseph Wurcher this morning about some of the cool numbers coming out of Autodesk University this morning. While the economy hurts over all attendance some in terms of projections, it still looks to be a banner year based on the classes, attendees, and attendance rates for the Civil Community. Check out some of the fun after the jump.

  • As of this morning, there were 9,352 registered attendees. 4,000 of these fall into the AEC category, which we share with the Architects, so take that with a grain of salt.
  • There are 72 Civil track classes this year, the most ever I believe. Civil makes up 10% of all sessions.
  • Eric Chappell has the 4th largest Civil class with his No Building Pads Allowed PowerTrack Class. (My room is SRO at 200, or I think I’d give him a run for it….)
  • Over the next four days there will be almost 13,000 hours of Civil training absorbed at AU 2008

We’re putting together the EE Lounge right now, display’s in place, Wii’s on the way, and we’re ready to rock it out tonight. Come by for your chance to go home a Wii bit richer!

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