Reminders, Diversions, and a Request

Been a fun, but busy week. Mark and I both were on class duty this week and I managed to teach from both Chicago and Dallas. Add in AU prep, and it’s been a wild one. Here’s some random snippets to go through the weekend on:

  • Monday’s EECast will introduce our brand new ProPack Hydro tools. You’ll be able to generate Hydrology Data, pass that back and forth with the H&H tools formerly known as Intellisolve; automate floodplain mapping; and cut down on tedious calcs that are ripe with error. Register here if you haven’t already. One attendee will win a free copy of Mastering Civil 3D 2009.
  • In case you need a little diversion, check out these crazy bastards BASE jumping of Burj Dhubai. Holy hell, my stomach flipped just watching them first leap. 
  • Check out this presentation coming to AU. If you don’t get some of these press-release type notices in your inbox, setup a Google search for all things C3D. Way cool and a great way to stay on top of the subject.

Finally, one more bit before we go. Two weeks after AU this year, I’ll be running in the Dallas White Rock 1/2 Marathon to support a great group called Push America. I’ve been involved with PA for over 15 years, starting in college, and they do great thing for raising awareness for people with disabilities. Every summer, some 30 college guys ride from coast to coast in the Journey of Hope, and have done this for over two decades. Please help me support their efforts by making a contribution. $13.10, $26.20, every dollar helps fund these great programs. I appreciate it, and so do my friends at Push America.

Thanks, have a great weekend, see you on Monday!


  1. Matt Kolberg says:

    Your crazy bastards link appears to be a little short on, well, link. http:/// is where it is taking us.


  2. NUTZ I tell you, that’s just nutz.